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Market Presence

CASHOFF is an international fintech company established in 2013. For the past five years, we have managed to establish four offices, with headquarters in London, a research and development laboratory in Moscow and Yaroslavl, and a centre for strategic business development in Hong Kong. Key markets of operation: Europe, Asia, Russia and CIS.

Mission Statement

Bridge the distance between you and your consumers. Come up with innovations that make people enjoy every moment of their lives instead of giving thought to trivialities.

Who trusts their tasks to us?

This service targets the B2B market. We have established relationships with over thirty banks worldwide and are also enhancing and sustaining our cooperation with popular global brands. We assist our clients in successfully dealing with the business tasks they face in a competitive environment. This is facilitated by a big data-driven approach to delivering customer experience, increasing consumer activity and breeding loyalty to the brands.

We are developing the fintech industry

We have ensured that CASHOFF is a member of international development institutions, such as Level 39, Innovate Finance, Cyberport. In 2017, CASHOFF was listed among the top ten fintech companies according to Deloitte. The projects of the company have been regularly recognised among the most successful, an illustrative example here is the victory in the Innovation Week competition in Silicon Valley.

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